Company Introduce

Shanghai UnionMesse Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. has always adhere to the "integrity, quality, professional" business purpose, and strive to meet the individual needs of the customer to select the most appropriate international exhibition.  UnionMesse International Exhibition with many years of experience in the group exhibition, practical, rigorous style of work and enthusiastic, sincere service attitude, the industry won a good reputation from customers.
 UnionMesse International Exhibition has teams of a professional group, committed to the development of the countries in the world, regions Bo (Exhibition) will be laid organizations, specializing in large domestic and foreign Exhibition (Expo) organization, booth exhibition consulting, booth booking organize overseas exhibitions, overseas business visits (visits), planning to organize a large-scale commercial activities, and to promote Chinese enterprises to explore the international market trade, cooperation and exchange programs and other services. Extensive and close cooperation has been established with the European Union, the United States, South America, Australia, the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries Exhibition Company, complementary advantages, batch after batch of enterprises to go abroad, to understand the world, to participate in international competition to build a solid platform to promote the domestic industry and the international economic and cultural exchanges.
International exhibition in the environment of the high-speed development of China's national economy, expanding foreign trade, China's international status has risen, UnionMesse willing to work with Chinese enterprises to pursue our common ideal - Chinese brands!